The organizer

Alliance Française of Edmonton

L’Alliance francaise of Edmonton is dedicated to promoting French languages and francophone cultures, and to fostering friendly relations between franchophones and francophiles of all racial, national and ethnic origins. In order to do this, the Alliance Française offers a wide variety of social or cultural encounters. Being an institution promoting the French culture, we naturally wanted to carry on a French tradition: Fête de la Musique, a music celebration day on June 21st: Make Music Edmonton.

The Alliance Française is a worldwide network to learn or practice French as a Foreign Language, and promote the French culture. It counts 1 037 chapters in 136 countries. The French Alliance of Edmonton was founded in 1947 by Paulette Crévolin. We’re an open door into Francophone culture and within this context we have iniated the first edition of the Edmonton Music Day on June 21, 2014.